A Decade of History on a 40 Year Foundation

At Heko Services we take pride in delivering freight where few others can go and accomplishing construction projects with the quality that few others can match.  Based out of Seattle, we operate throughout Alaska, we specilize in Marine Transportation and Civil Engineering projects.  Our fleet of barges and cranes have allowed us to take on small and large projects alike.

Project Specialties

We have completed a wide variety of projects in Alaksa, Washington and Nevada.


We have a variety of locations we operate out of.

Main Office
2404 Boyer Ave East
Seattle, WA 98112
206 322 3705
206 325 6984 f


Main Loadout Facility
Alki Yard (Pier 1)
2130 Harbor Ave SW
Seattle, WA  98126


KRS Yard
1641 S 92nd
Seattle, WA 98108